IT: Unlock Value through Sustainability

Information Technology: Innovative Companies Lead on Sustainability

Information technology (‘IT’) has grown into a massive set of industries with the top 100 IT companies grossing over $750 billion – more than the nominal GDP of the entire nation of Turkey.  Leaders in IT and related services, from Cisco to Autodesk to Deutsche Telekom, have chosen to prioritize sustainability and mid-market companies are following suite as the environment becomes an important strategic issue.

Why Focus on Sustainability?

Our clients and other leading companies across the IT sector have shared the following top drivers of their environmental initiatives:

  • Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations to Win Business
    Vendors and suppliers to large customers from Hewlett Packard to Wal-Mart must meet increasingly strict environmental management and disclosure requirements, helping them to win RFPs and contracts.
  • Capture and Create New Markets
    From designing the infrastructure for more efficient societies to software tools which cut impacts by virtualizing products and services, companies like Juniper Networks are capturing growing demand for green information technologies.  A strong corporate environmental strategy will sharpen your ability to capitalize on these rapidly growing markets.
  • Cut Operating Costs to Improve Margins
    Efficiency is a core component of any environmental strategy and companies like Adobe are integrating green planning in their offices, data centers, and other facilities to realize millions of dollars in annual cost savings. As growth rates in new markets slow, finding cost savings is critical to maintaining profitability.

Other benefits we have brought our IT clients include enhanced recruitment of top engineering talent through corporate cultures focused on citizenship and boosting exposure to investors through listing on sustainability-oriented stock indices.

To learn more about drivers of sustainability at software and IT companies, we encourage you to download our whitepaper on this subject and view our interview excerpts on top drivers of sustainability in IT.

How MSP Can Help

With client experience across the IT sector, from telecommunications service providers to  semiconductor designers, MSP can help you to quickly identify the elements of corporate environmental strategy which are most relevant to your company, then build a platform to unlock value through sustainability.  Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Understand and exceed your customers’ expectations related to supply chain sustainability, carbon disclosure, and environmental objectives, removing this risk to your sales efforts;
  • Build communications tools and lead dialogues which position your company and products as  leaders in the green innovation economy amongst customers, investors, regulators, and employees;
  • Identify and systematically target operational cost savings through resource efficiency initiatives across your facilities.

More information on our capabilities and experience is in our MSP IT brochure and Bakrie Telecom Client Case Study.

What Does this Mean for Your Company?

There are many benefits to developing a corporate environmental strategy.  If you have questions or would like to share ideas on how these issues relate to your company, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a complimentary Sustainability Strategy Consultation.

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