Our Commitments
“MSP was founded on the idea that a business can thrive while minimizing its impact on the planet. We use that same principle to be innovative and efficient in how we run our company in order to limit and offset our own environmental footprint.” -Andrew Malk, Managing Partner

Our Commitments

Malk Sustainability Partners has a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to share that commitment with our employees, peers, and clients. It is our obligation to find a healthy balance between preserving our natural resources while creating economic prosperity. We lead our clients by example and showcase the financial and environmental benefits from creating a more sustainable workplace.


MSP is a Carbon Neutral Company

MSP is carbon neutral with regard to our Scope I & II emissions (direct emissions and purchased electricity, respectively), as well as Scope III emissions (corporate travel).

We are doing so by:

  • Cooling our offices with fans rather than the air conditioning unit when possible
  • Minimizing lighting when our offices are unoccupied with the help of motion sensors
  • Using video conferencing and webinars where possible to cut down on corporate travel

We reduce our carbon impact as much as possible, then purchase offsets from Carbonfund.org to achieve full neutrality. This purchase contributes to afforestation and reforestation projects around the world.

We chose Carbonfund because it is the most respected source for small business carbon offsets. For more information about our carbon neutrality, see our blog entry: MSP is Carbon Neutral for a Second Year.”


Sustainable Operations

Beyond our energy and carbon footprint, we take action to run the greenest office possible.  In addition to efforts like PC power management and recycling, our accomplishments in this area include:

Smart printing:

  • Leveraging a cloud based software for document management which allows us to easily collaborate and share documents with our expanding team. Not only does this boost productivity, but it also enables us to be a paper-free office
  • Publishing all MSP articles and research white papers digitally to avoid printing
  • Printing our business cards on FSC certified recycled paper

Employee initiatives:

  • More than 50% of our full-time employees use public transportation or bikes to get to work. This allows us to significantly cut our scope III greenhouse gas emissions
  • Our employees not only work tirelessly to protect the environment, but are recharged when spending time in the natural environment. And so, a company practice is to take a mini-field trip on a monthly basis to visit the coastline and seal colony at La Jolla Cove several blocks from our offices. This is a great chance to get energized by the local beauty as well as an opportunity for our team to share ideas with upper management in an informal setting

MSP Corporate Giving

As a corporate citizen of the San Diego community, MSP’s team is committed to conservation and a cleaner environment in the San Diego region. To act on this commitment, MSP founder Andrew Malk established the Malk Sustainability Partners Conservation and Access Fund (MSP CAF) in 2011. MSP CAF is an advised, non-endowment fund with an established purpose of supporting nonprofit organizations working to conserve San Diego’s biodiversity and ensure access for all generations to green spaces and natural areas. We look forward to growing this fund in the coming years, contributing to a better San Diego, and supporting a more sustainable world.

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